Cabintek's Classic & Rapid​ Series
~ Custom Log Home Kits ~

  Building Now in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and California

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Need Log Home Financing?
Options include land purchase Ask Us How

The Exclusive “Woody Log Building System” ™ by Cabintek

The "Classic" and the "Rapid" Woody Cabins are almost Identical, Solid, Rustic and Attractive!
The Classic Series is built with individual solid log components that are stacked. 
The Rapid Cabin Series uses log sided insulated panels that are tipped into place. 

Choose any of Cabintek's Standard Floor Plans or Napkin Sketch Your Own!

 Build a small log cabin or large year round log home!

The Woody Cabin meets all Nationwide building & energy efficient codes

Every log component, hardware, material needed to finish the log cabin or home on the outside is provided by Cabintek, except for the actual roofing should be purchased locally. Foundations are done locally. A complete material list is available upon request. 

Home-owner's can choose to build themselves, or use a Cabintek Installer for the Phase 1 (logs) & 2 (dry-in materials) portions of the job. That gets the cabin completely finished on the outside and allows the home-owner to do the interior finishing. The option for a General Contractor to handle every phase of construction to move-in ready status is also available.    
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Log Home Kit Options

Woody's Classic Log Cabins (INFO)
Custom Made in USA and delivered to your property!
Solid 8-10" Pine "D" Shape Logs
Massive Column Logs
Heavy Duty Timber Rafters
Knotty Pine Ceilings  
 Order Your Custom Log Home Kit Today! 
​Floor plans 387-4000+ sqft 
For Pricing Click Here 
Woody's Rapid (ILP) Cabins (INFO)
Custom Made in USA and delivered to your property! 
(ILP) Insulated 7" thick Log Panel Construction
Looks Exactly Like Woody's Classic Cabins
Order Your Custom Log Home Kit Today!
Less expensive than "Classic Solid Log"
Floor plans 387-4000+ sqft 
For Pricing Click Here 

Shipping Worldwide

Get Started Now 
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 ​​The "Dry In"  is a complete kit that includes all the building materials to get the Woody Cabin "Dried In" which means when installed the cabin is basically complete on the outside including log outside walls, wooden cabin floor, Energy Star maintenance free windows, construction grade lockable doors, R-38 roof insulation, R-11 wall insulation, soffit, fascia, gable end finish materials, all flashing and a water tight roof membrane. Actual roofing should be purchased locally and is not included. The interior includes a knotty pine ceiling, interior rough frame walls, timber style rafters, finish window sills, storage loft and all unique hardware required for installation. Local building codes may require some minor deviations. Foundations and actual roofing are not included. 
1 Bedroom Cabins
2 Bedroom Cabins
2-Story Cabins
Garage & Sheds
Screen Rooms

Any Standard Model Can Be Tailored to Fit Your Specs:

Cabintek’s Guiding Philosophy - Keep it Simple!

The exclusive “Woody Log Building System”™
Cabintek has designed a log building system that utilizes only 6 different precision cut log parts which can be mixed and matched to allow for the design of 1,000’s of unique log cabin floor plans. Other kits require 100’s of different log parts to complete.

✦ A perfect solution for the “do it yourselfer”
  ✦ Assembly requires no special tools
  ✦ Windows install in minutes not hours
  ✦ All electrical wiring openings are pre-cut
  ✦ Our system allows for easy on site window or door relocation
  ✦ An excellent option for remote or hard to access building sites
  ✦ No caulking or chinking required
  ✦ The Woody can be built as portable or permanent
  ✦ Free factory technical support before and after your purchase

Cabin Installations now available in Oregon and Washington

"The "Woody" created by Cabintek

8-10" Thick Premium Pine Logs
are used to create
your New Dream Log Cabin!

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